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So on Sunday, my dad invited me out to the movies. Although this is happening more, now that my parents live near a small town theatre, it’s still rare to have the time to spend with him in this venue. I cherish it even more.

This time, it was a documentary called “Walking the Camino: Six ways to Santiago”. Now, there is a reason behind the invite to this movie. This past year, my dad had taken  some extreme measures to lose weight and get healthy from the advice from his doctors. He has lost a tremendous amount of weight and doing much more physical energy than I’ve ever seen him do, and I am very proud of him because of that. I am also considered the ‘walker’ of the family, given that I choose to walk to work just about every day of the year, being it cold, icy, raining or sunny.

I didn’t know anything about the movie before going into it. My dad basically asked me the day before, and showed me a trailer of it. It looked interesting and I do love documentaries, so of course I was in.

The movie was terrific, inspiring and just amazing. You follow six strangers who decide to walk the French way of the Camino to Santiago… a 800km journey that takes 4 weeks. There were hardships, blisters, aches and pains, but all of the individuals shown finished their track.

I came out of the theatre with a pounding heart and an eager expression on my face. “I could do that.” I said to my dad. “I would love to do that.”

It’s been a couple of days now, and the excitement is still there. I’ve been searching the internet for websites about the trail, when to travel, FAQs, blogs, and break downs of the route. So far I haven’t been scared away. I think the only thing still holding me back is; being able to take the time off work to accomplish the task. The price, the saving up and training is also high up there on why I’m still hesitant. If I could find a friend, or push my boyfriend into joining me, I maybe better inspired to crack down and commit. Either way, it’s now on my bucket list.

Has anyone traveled on the Camino? Heard about it? Want to go with me?