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It feels like a while since I’ve last done an ‘update’ on events in my life. I am just finishing up a great Valentine’s weekend that I spent with my boyfriend, with an additional Monday off tomorrow due to Canada’s “Family Day” holiday. Three day weekends are pretty awesome! Of course the leaves me the question: what do I do tomorrow?


First off, this weekend. My boyfriend came over Friday evening, with obstacles getting in his way, yet he still managed to make it to my neck of the woods. With a dozen roses! (Yes, cue the aww!) They smell fantastic and are sitting on my end table besides me right now. We didn’t do much Friday night, being late as it was, a movie on netflix with some cuddling, drinks and then time for bed. Saturday, we shovelled the driveway lol, actually he went with me to get my license sticker, and stood in line for almost 20 mins. That was real nice of him! In the afternoon we went to see Kingsmen at the theatres, followed by dinner out at a nearby restaurant.

It was great spending that time with him, though my bed is on the small side, it only meant we had to cuddle closer together… though i will admit it was difficult for me to sleep at times lol. He left this morning and i was able to get a few other errands done on my own.

This, to me, has been a pretty good Valentines. It was our second spent together, the first we were still in the awkward ‘unsure’ stage as we were unable to get together that much over the winter, and had only been on a few dates. This year, we had more fun lol.


I am a little behind on my books. I have a deadline with one, which I may not complete as my weeks to finish it are dwindling fast. The incentive, (as it’s a book about investments and money) was a good payout from my parents if i manage to follow some of the suggested outlines in the book. I may not get it, and as much as it’ll suck not getting that money to put away, i have problems reading such books ‘fast’. I still plan to finish it and perhaps take up some of the suggestions, it just may be closer to July when that happens lol.

In the meantime, and what really has been taking up my reading time is the second Anne of Green Gables book called – Anne of Avonlea, for the #GreenGablesReadalong. It’s been enjoyable, though i’m having difficulty finishing it. I still have a couple of weeks left, which could be part of my procrastination.

What am I watching:

I’ve taken up with a number of new shows on Netflix lately. I’ve had a pretty stressed week at work with a number of extra projects that keeps me away from wanting to sit back down at home to stare at another computer screen, or think long enough to read anything. Supernatural has been great! I’m on season 3 now and really enjoying the chemistry and brotherly love between Dean and Sam. They are amazing characters and I really am drawn into the show.

I’ve also discovered a new doc series called “Departure”, Canadian made, this show follows two friends who decide to drop everything and travel the world for the next year. Each episodes takes place in a new location, (there have been a few two parters), where they explore the local landmarks, cuisine and culture. It’s really great and adventurous of them. It is helping keep my inspiration to travel myself.

Two new animes i’ve been watching are “Is this a Zombie?” and “How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend”. Both are… heram-like shows with a central male surrounded by girls. However, both are goofy and hilarious that keeps me laughing, and shaking my head at the same time. I do plan on doing a review on one or both of them. “How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend” maybe longer as it’s still being released weekly and i’ve been watching it on Crunchyroll.


Something new i’ve started, that i hope to get some inspiration and research done for my VR novel idea is join an MMO. I’ve picked up DC Universe Online after talking things over with my boyfriend. It’s free to play, with some limitations, but it at least gives me a glimpse into the MMO world. I’m enjoying it though i’ve already come across a few issues that puts me at a disadvantage. I’m playing on my PS3, with a PS3 controller, meaning many chat options aren’t open or easy for me to communicate with. There is a email in game I can use, and a few “emotes” I can scroll through, but I can’t really answer anyone back in the chat box quickly. I’m also at a stage where I need to join a team to do a 4 on 4 battle. We’ll see how it goes.

I get 2 accounts with the free to play. I’m currently a hero named “Farifax” (if anyone else plays), and maybe this summer i’ll switch to a villain and try out the other side of it. There are so many choices that part of me would like to make a character for each and see how it goes lol.


Writing, as I mentioned above is going slow, though once in a while i’ll get some inspiration and i’ll try to get most of what’s in my head down on paper – if only to organize it later.

I’d like to thank those who’ve been reading my Rune Legacy series, as well as those who’ve commented on past posts, especially ones that features new writing ideas like my VR novel. I’m aware of how ‘raw’ some of my ideas and writings can be and the reason i post them here is to get some feedback, some discussion and hopefully even solutions to problems others have caught. So don’t be afraid to send me a comment, or even email me with an issue!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Tomorrow may be spent playing games, writing, or hopefully if my friend decides to come over, a huge Archer marathon!