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A few years ago I bought myself a deck of Tarot Cards. I was really curious about the entire thing, and I knew stories about my great-granny who was considered a ‘witch’, who told fortunes in her kitchen with tea leaves. The set I bought was Fairy themed, and came with a great book on how to read the cards and different spreads. One spread is called “Your Birthday Sunflower Spread”, and since it is my birthday today, I thought it’d be nice to get the cards out and see what the year has in store for me.

To get an idea of the spread, there are 13 cards that are laid out in a circle, the thirteenth card is in the centre, with the first card starting at the far left side with the following cards being placed down counter-clockwise.

Upon first glance, I received a lot of Wand cards, and three Major Arcane, even 1 reverse card. I’m not sure if it’s because the deck wasn’t shuffled enough, but the results seemed interesting.

Birthday Sunflower Seed Spread

13 – What you need to know right now (center)
(XI)Justice: Understand your power and responsibility, consider future ramifications, choose your actions wisely.

Given the issues going on at work right now, I feel this is pretty accurate in keeping my emotions in check and not doing/saying anything that I may later regret.

1 – Your Self image and personality
(III) The Empress: In a position to nurture something, but not to smother the situation in your care.

I honestly am not sure how to read this card, though I may have to do some self analysis to see what is requiring of nurturing.

2 – Your value systems and Material resources
Knight of Cups: dreamy and romantic, dramatic and exhaustion. Emotions based on whims than reality.

I’ve always been a down to earth, realistic person, so again, an odd card to be turned up for me.

3 -Your siblings and communication
Ace of Pentacles:  have enough skill and resources to create the life you want, honour the gifts with gratitude and by using your skills to make the most of your opportunity.

It’s been a while since my brother and I had sat down to talk and catch up. As much as I get the news of his going ons from our parents, I do feel like this card is telling me that I have the skills and can get back in touch with him the next time we see each other.

4 – Your Parents, your home and family
Three of Wands:
Consider the possibilities, do research and write out all your options, think about what goal is appealing to you, make a map of your journey and the list of things you need.

This card seems to focus more on the home and family rather than my parents. There has been talk for years about moving out of my basement apartment into something more reasonable, perhaps this is a sign?

5 – Creativity, affairs of the heart fun and children
(I)The Magician: You have more control over your life than you may think or feel. must be aware of the consequences, you have power and ability, use it well.

I was surprised to see this card come up, yet when I went back to read about the meaning, it felt right, I can’t put a finger on what exactly it’s trying to tell me, but inside it feels like the perfect card for that space.

6 -Work, responsibilities and health
Nine of Pentacles:  Overcame troubles and misfortunes to create a safe, secure life. if you don’t have the life you want, you can if you are willing to do what it takes.

I agree with this card in its spot as well. I’ve had some struggles but work is a secure place for me, a steady income. 

7 – Partnerships (Romance & Business)
Ten of Pentacles:
Life is filled with good things and good people, Enjoy them and work hard to keep them.

🙂 That I will!

8 – Sex, death and other people’s money
King of Wands (Reverse): 
Energetic and ambitious leader, focuses on one project at a time, can create unbalance. May forget or neglect other things.

I still have issues with reverse cards and how their meaning changes. So I’m not sure how to read this one either.

9 – Travel, higher education, spiritual connections
Ace of Wands: 
The need to begin something new. Consider a plan, take inventory, do you have a goal, determination, resolve, focus and passion?

Given my new inspiration to travel to Spain to walk the Camino… this too feels oddly accurate.

10 – Your public image, vocation and ambition
Queen of Wands: 
will help anyone with anything, loves grand undertakings, enjoys the spotlight, not a great listener

Meh… don’t agree with this card.

11 – Friends, hopes, goals and wishes
Ten of Wands: 
Carrying a heavy burden, life feels miserable. find hope and strength where you can, seek out others for help or inspiration. Examine your load, make sure you are not carrying around a burden needlessly.

I find this card something of a warning? Something for me to watch out for and seek help when I feel overwhelmed.

12 – Your inner self, dreams, secrets, the past
Four of Swords: 
When dealing with a difficult situation, take a break and get rest. sometimes people do find solutions in their dreams.

LOL, how many times have I heard this in my life? Too many to count! Great advice  no matter what though!

Thus ends my Birthday Tarot Card spread. I hope you enjoyed this, it is a bit off and different from what I normally post, but was in a whimsically mood.