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It is finally time for me to post the photos of my Doctor Who themed quilt. It’s taken me much longer than I anticipated to get to this current stage. I have completed the top, and managed to stretch the three layers of material and batting out and baste it all together – so that it won’t move on me as I quilt. For those of you who may not understand these quilting terms, basically i’ve got my backing material done, batting for the centre (to give the quilt some puff and a little warmth) and my top. The three layers need to be sewn loosely together so that you don’t get and folds or bumps in the quilt as you go along doing the actual quilting phase.

So yes, I am now on the actual quilting phase of the quilt! I have a plastic quilting frame I need to set up and I’ll be working from the centre outwards. Yes, I know that’s not usually the case, but it’s the easiest way to start on this particular plastic frame. It will also help me set up my quilting design. It’s going to be a much of lines, like a star in the centre, with a spiral coming out from the middle. I hope it works out as I’ve usually kept to just stitching along the shapes of the squares and such in the past. This will be different and a new challenge as I go along.

So… finally… pictures!!!

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4

I am very excited over this and really hope it turns out well. I may post more pictures once I get some stitching done, but at least you can know all see the design and layout… and hopefully the little TARDIS boxes in the fabric.