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maxresdefaultWay back when… I had posted a small review on Wizardess, this dating sim app I discovered and downloaded to my iPhone. I had said I would return to let you know how my story with Yukiya Reizen, my first choice for a love interest and classified as the mysterious boy with an eyepatch.

So, I have finished the story, after many months and enjoyed it a lot. There’s so much to tell, and yet I want to keep some of the plot twists a secret if any of you have attempted to try this story out.  I’ll say this now that I did not get the ‘Happy’ ending, but the normal one. Once I had finished the story I was able to choose a different boy to repeat the story with, or try the same one again to get a different ending. There are three that could happen, all based on your choices of responses in the game. Given that I really liked the normal ending, I get the feeling that the ‘Happy’ one is really sappy.

So on to Yukiya’s story. We know from my past thread that Yukiya and our main heroine are buddies, that he is cursed and trying to push her away, but depending on your choices, refuses to let him and the romance between them grows. We also learn about Lucca’s little quest in the forest, and that the mysterious lullaby song is somehow linked to making one’s way through the Forbidden forest. Once Yukiya discovers that your heroine can hear the song as well, he tells you never to let Lucca know.

Anyways, in the meantime, your character’s magic sucks, and makes it rain frogs on a number of occasions, Yukiya as her buddy is dependent on her magic and the two seem to work something out, but even Yukiya’s magic isn’t perfect.

During the friendship, and when your character realizes that she has feelings for Yukiya, there is a twist involving a mysterious woman in the dark woods with whom Yukiya meets at night. It’s just enough for our little heroine to start getting depressed and annoyed at her buddy. Of course at this time, Yukiya’s curse is coming to its climax.

We learn, through a few chapters that Yukiya is not cursed, and that he wasn’t even born with magic. But as a child, raiders had entered his village and were killing a number of people, in order to save his family and siblings, he had made a pact with a magical creature for the power to defeat them. Unfortunately there is a side-effect to such a pact, Yuikia gained magic, but at the cost of turning into a monstrous beast himself every full moon. He attempts to hide this from our heroine, who eventually learns the truth the hard way.

However, love trumps all… sort of. Even though the heroine can not lift the curse completely, with the help of the mysterious woman, she can at least ease the burden and pain. She makes a contract with a fluffy pink magical creature whom has been piggybacking on her head for the past few days, and has the ability to help transform Yukiya out of his beast form with the power of her kiss. She can also communicate with him in his beast form. Her side-effect? She looses half her hair as the fluffy bunny creature wants hair for a new tail. LOL.


So the story was really good, the ending, is even more sweeter. Our heroine was given a temporary pass to the school, which would decide if she would stay or not. The last chapter under the normal ending has that she is unable to stay at the school. She had not proven her magic fit enough to earn a complete acceptance. Meaning she must leave and apply again next year.

It was a sad ending in a way, but one that you sort of knew was going to happen given her lack of magical skills. We catch up to her in one year, under a full moon. She was back home, treating animals and practicing her magic. Upon gazing up at the full moon she is reminded of Yukiya. And then suddenly he is there. In his beast form. He came to visit her, as he promised and give her acceptance letter for this year.

As a normal ending, it’s pretty perfect. I don’t think I want to try again for a happy ending, and I’m a little afraid of what the sad one will be.


Now that this boy chapter is over, I have decided to give the story another go with Elias. The goody-goody in my opinion. I’ve already gone through the first couple of chapters, although much the same, the information provided has changed and altered, i’m suddenly realizing there is more to Lucca’s character than I first anticipated. Supposedly, once I get three endings done, a new chapter will be released. I’m not sure if i’ll reach that point, but i’ll try.

There is only one downside to these Shall We Date? stories, the free ones at least. The last chapter took me weeks to open. I had to purchase a particular item from the shop before I could proceed, this sort of thing is common and you earn in-game money from small magic battles with other players. It just took me FOREVER to reach the amount I required. It was frustrating, especially since I knew it was the last chapter. However, it’s the price to pay for playing this for free.

I had looked into the Guilty Alice themed story from the same company, and discovered that I would have to pay $5 per character’s story. I wasn’t willing to do that yet, but now after I’ve finished this one, i’m wondering how much better it will be to read at my own pace and not have to wait another 24 hours before I get story tickets to continue on with the chapter. I’m a bit too cheap though and I’m afraid I may never get over this hurdle of paying for something when I don’t have to.

In the meantime, i’ve download another free Shall We Date game, this one is called “Magic Sword.” It’s a bit of the King Arthur story, but sort of revamped and a few characters gender swapped lol. You’re a princess in a kingdom sworn to protect the magic sword Excalibur… except King Arthur came with a female Merlin and stole it from you. Now you, along with three guys must go on a quest to bring the sword back. I’m already doubting my first choice of love interest, as his character is a misogynist a-hole most of the time. I REALLY hope things change, or else i’ll make sure to get the sad ending as I don’t want my feisty independent princess to fall into the background as the one who needs ‘protecting’. I could switch, but I’m curious to see where this story goes. lol.