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It is getting close to the final week of Camp NaNo and I feel screwed! I have learned, that writing romance is not my forte. I am no good at setting a full novel around love and it’s complications. Its boring! I’m used to writing stories with villains, magic and powers, evil spirits and sci-fi adventures. With those story lines and plots, I have a direction to take my characters. I can throw them into a fight and have them face their deepest fears. Yes, i’ve worked on romance as side plots, small bits here and there but nothing like what I am attempting with this year’s camp story.

It has given me an insight into what I am capable right now. Who knows, maybe in the future when I have more experience I can try again. I am learning a lot through this, especially gaining a new appreciation to professional romance authors. I do envy those people and how easy they make it all look.

At least, now even if I am defeated, I tried. With a goal of 30k, I have hit the 22k mark. Not bad, but this story will never see the light of day. I will keep pushing towards the 30k mark, but inside I feel that this may be a failed month. It would be my first, which is really all that is motivating me right now. I don’t want to give up. I still want to at least try to end my novel – even if I don’t hit the word goal this month, if I can at least type down ‘The End’ I would feel some sort of accomplishment over this past month.

So, wish me luck, this weekend will be the make it or die.

In other news, a friend of mine sent me a link to an editing website that I wanted to share. Pro Writing Aid.  The site is amazing and it is free to create an account. Through it you can past any amount of text, or even a full document and it’s program will help you locate problem sentences, tensing, over used words and well… the list goes one. I hope to get into the habit of using the site before I post any more of my writing up here, it should help tighten things up and make for a better read. I am also considering going back to one of my old novels for a third revision and using the site to help catch some of my mistakes. I think, or really I hope this site will teach me how to write better and edit more. I really suggest others to test out the site yourself!