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I’ve made a small breakthrough on my fantasy novel I had mention a while ago. A story of fairy’s, elves, wizards and dragons, of fantasy worlds parallel to our own modern one. Where a girl learns of her magical nature and crosses a bridge over from our world to theirs.

It’s a common theme lately, but it has been a long time since i’ve written anything in the fantasy genre that I feel like going all out and doing something close to epic and rich in cliché’s. lol. But I have a problem, I am a person who can get tied up in the small details, the appearances and looks of things before I can really get back to more important world building and character development sheets. It’s like when I have an idea of what a character should look like, or what the school or city should look like – i get tunnel vision and begin to spend hours on pintrest trying to find something as close to what’s in my head as possible.

It’s not very productive.

Right now, i finally found a name for the fantasy/magical school where my character will attend. “Silverleaf Academy”. (If anyone has some tag line that may work, i’m all ears.) The problem I now face is that I feel that i need to find a insignia, or logo, or some sort of crest to apply to the school. I mean, this is an old school, a well known and highly valued school like any of the ivy league universities down in the states. I can’t stop pouring over leaf designs and logos to find something that would work for the school. This logo will be on stone pillars, student’s jackets, handbooks, diploma’s, weapons and well just about everything. I even would love to use it as the cover of the book – similar to the Divergent series with it’s own images portraying the different factions.

As you can see, this really isn’t important and I have so much other work and research to finish for this book, but my mind is in tunnel vision on it and in some way has taken over too much of my attention. I did, finally last night find a group of tattoo designs that could work, but I need someone with better artistic skills than myself to perhaps dress it up more. (I am a graphic designer, but some things are just out of my league).

The top row, middle seems to fit with the ‘leafy’ theme I was going with. But if anyone has a better idea, I would love to hear from you.

My second though that came last night just before bed, was to add the “S” behind the circle, either as an overlap, or behind the design. Perhaps the circle design can fit between the two curves of the “S”?

So, this is a call for help. If any designer out there has an idea that could work for me, I would be very appreciative of it. I don’t have anything to offer in exchange for your time or effort, unfortunately, but perhaps we can work something else out?