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Chapter 20

The following day wasn’t any better. Alexis continued to feel discouraged with every class she had. It seemed everything she learned back in Japan was worthless at Hogwarts. Transfiguration was difficult, as it always was, but using Latin spells made it even worse. She made little to no results by the en of their double class, even Professor Bloomheart tis-ked when she walked by Alexis’s desk.

Defence Against the Dark Arts was next, a class Alexis had expected to grasp easily. Given her previous training with her uncle at the Shrine, purification spells had always been her speciality. Instead, the class mentioned nothing about purifying dark spells, but blocking them with shields and countering with curses and other offensive spells. Leaving her back in her depressed and overwhelming state.

By the end of the week Alexis’s mind spun with all the new terminology she had to learn. Then there were the essays to write on subjects she didn’t understand or even agree with on the personal level. Everything was about wands and incantations, so different from the heart and soul Alexis that learned.

“You’ll get the hang of it.” Eloise said with an encouraging smile. She sat across table in the library, Sky next to her. Skye decided to help Alexis with all her other classes as well and piled books upon books on the table. “Besides, in the worse case scenario you can use your own spells from japan for tests. I’m sure they’ll still pass you.”

Alexis smiled at the blond haired Hufflepuff. Eloise was always in a good mood.

“Maybe. But it’s the new stuff I’ll be struggling most with, and it’s that stuff that I’ll be tested on.”

“She’s right.” Skye said, setting down more books on the table. “That’s why you need to study and practice hard.”

“You sound like my Archery Sensei.” Alexis mumbled.

“OOOh, do you play Archery?” Eloise asked, her eyes sparkling.

“I don’t play, it’s a solo competitive sport.”

“Who do you compete against?”

“We have competitions against other members of the Archery Club, but our main competitors are the other schools. Nationals is the main competition we all aim for.”

“Are there that many wizards in Japan?”

Alexis gave Eloise a laugh. “No, for Archery we compete against the Muggle schools too. Our Sensei places restriction spells on our bows and arrows to prevent us from having any slight advantage over them. Given that the competitions mostly take place at the muggles schools or sports centres, we can’t use magic anyways outside of school. Our teachers are strict about that with all the sports we share with the muggles.”

“Eloise, close your mouth, it’s rude.” Skye said with a stern look.

“Sorry, I just… wow… wizards and muggles competing together. That’s just… unheard of.”

“Well, there’s a lot of stuff that I’m used to that is unheard of here. What’s with the lack of electricity and computers?”

“There’s computers in the Muggle Studies room.” Skye said. “With internet.”

“What! Why haven’t you told me that earlier?”

“Because they are reserved for those taking the class.” Skye said with a sad tone. “Trust me, I’ve tried.”

“Skye, are you a techno maniac?” Alexis asked.

“I’m unsure if you’ll call me that, but I miss my computer when I’m at Hogwarts.”

Alexis let out a little scream of delight and wrapped her arms around Skye. “Ah! Another techy! I’m saved!”

“What do you mean, you can’t use any muggle technology while within grounds.” Eloise asked, puzzled.

“But my uncle gave me a present before I left London. I haven’t had time to open it until this morning.” Alexis said, a mischievous grin on her face. “It’s my laptop, but upgraded.”

“Upgraded how?” Skye asked carefully.

“Well, my battery life is still limited, but, I can power on my laptop.”

“You  mean it’s been bewitched to bypass the protection spells?” Eloise asked. Alexis nodded her head.

“The only problem is that the internet signal is unreliable.”

“So by going into the Muggles Studies room, you can find a connection?” Skye asked. “It is possible though I bet you’ll have more luck outside of Hogwarts.”

“But I thought we weren’t allowed to leave school grounds?” Alexis asked.

“We do when we have a Hogsmead visit.” Eloise added. “Though it may not be until October or November.”

“We can give that a try then.” Skye said.

“You can type up any emails you want to send out beforehand. That way once we find a solid wifi signal all we need is to hit send.” Alexis smiled and she could see that Skye too was trying hard not to break into the same goofy smile.

“I’d like that.” Skye said with a nod of her head.

“Me too!” Eloise said. “I may be a half-wizard but I’ve got a facebook page I wouldn’t mind updating.”

“Then it’s agreed. First Hogsmead visit we’ll go searching for an internet connection.” Alexis beamed at their enthusiasm and love of the internet. It’s a shame that Hogwarts was such a backwards place.

“Until then, we need to get you up to speed.” Skye said with renewed vigour. “You’ve got History lessons tomorrow right? And Potions?”

“Ahhhh!” Alexis moaned and dropped her head back into her books.

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