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I guess I should start this post by explaining that I have psoriasis. For those of you unfamiliar with the skin disorder, i’ll simply put that it involved a bumpy, reddish to white flaky skin. I’ve had this since I was a kid, and it has never gone away. I have had to learn to deal with it throughout high-school and even now in my adulthood. I have many people come to me, concern and wondering what happened to my arms. I always have to sigh and roll my eyes, saying that ‘it’s psoriasis and i’m alright’.

Recently i’ve been trying to educate myself more on the disorder. It’s an auto immune meaning my white blood cells are continuing to make new skin thinking it’s clearing up an infection. My doctors have always prescribed me creams with steroids in them – something I don’t want to continue with the rest my life. I’ve been getting by so far with just Vaseline, and had settled that this is my life forever.

Things changed a couple of weekends ago when my boyfriend’s mother offered to do some food testing on me to see if there is something internal that can be done to help clear up my skin. She gave me a book that a natural path wrote back in the 80’s, it has helped me understand more of the disorder as well as enlighten me that the red bumps and rash are only a symptom.

With the testing she had given me – done with acupuncture points and muscle reflexes – we discovered a number of foods that I am sensitive to, as well that I have a leaky gut. She had suspected it was a leaky gut in the first place. Now, I’m on an amino acid pill (natural) as well as cutting several things off of my diet to see if my skin will improve. Given that it may take a few months, I’m hoping for the best.

I’ve never been food tested before, and the results were quite amazing. A number of my favourite foods are now off the list, including chocolate, barley, cheddar cheese and strawberries. (I recently discovered that my throat actually get’s sore after eating strawberries). The sensitivity food list gone on to include mostly all shell fish, oranges, sugar (brown sugar is fine), and anything with white flour, and pork. Yup, that’s right, no more bacon for me… if I can help it.

My boyfriend’s mom will retest me in two months once the amino-acid pills i’m taken are finished. Hopefully by then the leaky gut will be healed and some of the foods i’m sensitive to will go away and I can begin to eat again.  But it has given me a large insight into my eating habits of late. Not only by taking out these troubled foods, but also to rebalance my diet to reduce the amount of acid foods. Given that my leaky gut has been worn away from acid foods, I will need to up my intake of vegetables and fruits  – not so much cut out the acid foods for they are important too but to lower them down.  80%-20% is what i’ve been too to aim for, (20% of acid foods which includes grains, meat, beans, and well most of the good stuff.)

So far, these past two weeks have been hard. I’ve been trying to clean out my cupboards and fridge before I go back to the grocery store, while this week I’m house sitting/pet sitting for my parents. We’ll see how the rest of the two months go.

I’m looking forward to see if this new diet will help clear up my skin once and for all. It would be great to finally not feel ashamed or embarrassed in a bathing suit, or curled up with my boyfriend. I’ll keep you posted if any changes do happen.

Wish me luck!