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I have just sat down and watched the first three episodes (plus episode zero) of Will Wheaton’s Titans Grave RPG show. If you haven’t heard of it, blow is the link. I highly recommend following along as it is so far a fantastic table top RPG game so far.


I won’t get into much on the show/game itself. It is your typical table top RPG, only it is fully created out of Will’s imagination. They are using the AGE system of levelling and have been showing art from a number of artists all over the world to help visualize the world they are playing in.

Watching these episodes has taken my mind back to my first year of College and my first experience with RPG. I owe it all to my roommate, Pam. She came to College with years of experience in Dungeons and Dragons and was eager to find new players. I have never heard of it, or really knew anything about role playing. I wasn’t even writing at the time and knew little about character creation and complexities. But she was patient and we managed to gather a few of us ‘newbies’ together to create a few memorable experiences in the Dungeon and Dragon’s universe.

It is also my start to fantasizing in the fantasy world and to rethink my writing skills. Of course I did not fully immerse myself in my writing until my last year of College, but I still like to think that those few D&D campaigns planted that seed of inspiration.

Watching the group play as their characters, get caught up in the small inside jokes, the humours reactions to situations and the pop culture references in Titans Grave has really brought it home tonight and I miss that experience. There’s a part of me who wishes to get back into such a game, not online as I have been but to be face to face with other people, friends, enjoying our wild imaginations.

It’s one of the things I most enjoy with Will Wheaton’s Table Top show, the emphasis of playing board games with people, people that are right there next to you. I am thankful that my boyfriend is a huge board game lover, and have been able to get together with family and friends and share the familiar experiences of playing a game together.

If anyone wants to help get back into a table top RPG, let me know!