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It is day 8 of the July Shop Hop, I have obtained six more blocks from the surrounding Quilt Stores. This past weekend was my first real ‘hop’. I decided to take my mom with me as we traveled down to the Stratford area and collect four blocks along the way. It was great having my mom around, though her directions at times were a bit of a question – especially when we went on our side trips. But everything turned out to be a success.

Our first stop was in New Hamburgh, at a wonderful quilt store called Heart ‘N’ Home. I would love to go back in the future. Besides material and fabric, they also have a gift store with a bunch of different nick-knacks that drew in my attention. Of course I don’t have enough walls to hang up everything that I saw.

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The rest of the day we traveled to Shaksphere, then to Woodstock. Stopping part way to chat with my cousin at their vegetable stand outside of Hickson. Then came our first side-trip. My mom had lived in Innerkip for a couple of years, and wanted to go back and visit her grandfather’s house (which he had built).

We pulled up outside of the brick and stone house, amazed at all the work the owners had put into it. A number of years ago, my mom and aunt were contacted by the new owners of the home who wanted to restore it back to it’s original days and had asked for any photos of the place – inside and out. My brother was the lucky one who went with my mom to visit the new owners and take a tour of the old house. Lucky devil.

We didn’t knock on the door but continued to tour around the village – looking for the cemetery. This is when my mom’s sense of direction left her. Of course – the town had changed since she last passed through. We had to double back and ask for directions to the cemetery, but we eventually found it. Then came the search for her grandfather’s grave. That took some time – and when we did find it (thanks to me!) it was not where my mom thought it was. Yet, something good came out of searching the cemetery. We discovered my mom’s ‘Uncle Jimmy’s’ grave. Apparently he was her grandfather’s brother who died at a young age. He was buried in a different part of the cemetery amongst other members of their family. It was a great find, and a lovely day to walk through the tombstones.

We finished the day in Stratford, visiting the last shop in the area and then heading over to my aunt’s for a quick visit. It was a long day full of driving! There was one more shop I wanted to visit that weekend on Sunday – one of the few that were even open on Sundays. My dad was my here there and drove me up to Georgetown to pick up the block. After that we took a rather lazy stroll back home. Again it was a beautiful day and I enjoy bonding with my parents on drives like that.

I’ve got two more weekends that will be just as full as this past one. This weekend I head down to London area, to Exeter and Mount Brydges. I believe my boyfriend made mention of joining me on that little extrusion.