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It’s Tuesday – I know! I should have had this post ready by Monday at the latest. I’m just distracted and procrastinating at this point, not to mention I don’t have any photos to share yet of the blocks i’ve collected so far.

On a side note – I will post them when they are finished.

This past weekend was my second outing for the July Shop Hop. This time I took my boyfriend. Granted – he did volunteer. I warned him, I told him that this will all be quilt shops and that he doesn’t have to go with me – but he did! (He’s awesome!)

It was a great road trip. We left his place in Waterloo Saturday morning and headed down to Kitchener for our first stop of the day. Not only did I pick up my block, but I also managed to finally fabric for my next baby quilt. I’ve been a bit stressed over it as I had to match the fabric with another piece of material I wanted to use. Thankfully with my boyfriend helping me pick out colours, we managed to find enough to go with the print.

After Kitchener it was on to Exeter. We to the town just after 11 – or 11:30 ish. We took a walk down the main street – picked up my block – and found a local restaurant for lunch. It was great to get out and stretch after that long drive. We didn’t linger long before heading out to the third stop – Illderton.

From Illderton we drove down to Mount Brydges for the final block. The stores themselves were nice and the towns pleasant, but I doubt I’d make it back up to those last three in the future. The one thing that bogged us down was the construction. Here we are driving along back roads and we hit more detours and construction zones than when we went through Waterloo and Kitchener!

We had to laugh it off, and enjoy the time together. It was also quite entertaining when I felt we may have been turned around or gone down a wrong road that my boyfriend wouldn’t let me open up my GPS on my iPhone. “Don’t ruin the fun.” He told me.

We did not get lost and and reached every destination point on our (my) list. Afterwards we took a drive through London. We both went to school there, he to Western University – I to Fanshawe College. We even went around the same time, though never met up during those years.

From our quick pit stop at Masonville Mall, with some ice cream and smoothies to pick us back up, we headed for home. It was close to 4pm when we finally reached his apartment. Both of us were exhausted, and crashed the second we saw the couch. I’m grateful to have my boyfriend in my life. To take time out from his own things to tag along where my interests take me.

We have one more weekend of driving left. This coming Saturday we tackle the southern area of Ontario. Waterford, Caledonia, Fonthill and St. Catherines. It will be another hot day, with lots of sun and driving. This time, i’m brining my bathing suit. I think we will need a dip in the pool when we get back to his place!