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The Finale!

This past Saturday, my boyfriend and I once more piled into the car and drove off to visit the last 4 Quilt shops on the July Shop Hop. This was our longest journey to date. We traveled all the way down to St. Catherines, with a number of stops along the way and back. It was hot, sticky and a very long drive.

We started in Waterford, then continued on to Caledonia. They were basic stops, with lunch at a fast food chain in Caledonia. We did get turned around a bit but thankfully there was a bakery in Caledonia where we picked up a couple of tarts for a snack.

After our lunch break we headed off to Fonthill, then to St. Catherines. Once we finally collected my last block, we decided to take our time getting back home. There was a path across the road from the quilt store that we took – to help stretch our legs. We found a side trail down to the water, where we took in the sight of an old bridge, well remains of one, a lot of graffiti and water!

After the hike, we were ready to hit the road once more. But – we decided to make one more stop. 13 Avenue Winery. That’s right we stopped for some wine. Why not? It is wine region out there. We had a testing of 4 of their wines, and bought 2 bottles. The Pinot Gris was fantastic, and I could have bought two of those bottles. I left the bottles at my boyfriends place, as I’m sure I would have opened it up by now. Next weekend!

I just have to thank my BF for doing all this driving. He’s pretty awesome taking an interest in my crafty/creative hobbies. Hopefully I don’t have to put him through all that driving any time soon.

Now that I have collected all the blocks, I need to set time aside to sew them all up. I’m still working on the quilting of by Doctor Who quilt. I’m nearing its end but I still need to focus on that first. In August I’ve taken a week off, my plan… to finish any quilt projects on the go – including the Shop Hop quilt blocks and to start a baby quilt I plan to make for my friend who is expecting her first.

So, there is no end in sight for me and fabric.