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Chapter 30

Alexis sprinted the last block to the sounds of hundreds of car alarms. Bright green coloured flames shot out from the windows of the Dragon’s Scroll as those inside rushed out of the burning building.

“No…no no!” Alexis muttered as she searched each face that came out. “Kaylee! Jason!” She shouted to the crowd.

“Alexis stay back!” Zack shouted pulling on her arm. “That’s a spell. Look at the flames, they aren’t normal. Something’s happened. We should… we should get out of here.”

“What? I can’t leave them. What about your brothers?”

“They are all of age and can apparate. Those coming out have to be muggles.”

“We should do something!” Alexis patted herself down, but her wand was up in her attic bedroom.

“No way. We aren’t in any danger out here. Using magic – in a crowd like this, we’d be expelled for sure.” Zack replied. Alexis gave a look of disgust and pushed Zack back.

“Where’s that bravado you showed back in the park? You were all ready to use your magic against that spirit. Now when people are in danger you flee?”

“Hey! That’s not fair, that was different.” Zack said, his voice rising with hers. “Listen, the muggle fire fighters and emergency vehicles will be here shortly. We have to leave. Do you know of a safe place we can go – just until everything calms down?”

“NO! I’m not leaving my friends.”

The two shot daggers at each other with their eyes. Zack still had a hold on Alexis’ arm, preventing her from going into the evacuated nightclub. Both were stubborn and unyielding in their position. An ambulance and a firetruck appeared first, a police car just behind. The moment the firemen hosed down the flames another explosion rocked the interior.

With a pop sound, a man with a black ski-mask appeared by the fire truck. He held a wand in his hand and pointed it to the hose. Everyone was so busy with the fire they didn’t seem to notice the masked man, but Alexis and Zack did. The hose from the fire truck broke free sending water throughout the streets. Another masked assailants appeared, their wands pointed at anything that would increase the terror and chaos of the surrounding scene.

“I was afraid of this.” Zack said with a stern pull on Alexis arm. “The Liberators.”

“Who? What are you talking about?” Alexis gave in to Zack’s pull. Screams were now filling the air, followed by flying cars and trucks that smashed into buildings. The streets were becoming dangerous.

“It’s a gang, of sorts. It started off as a gang, but they tactics have increased recently. Nobody knows how many there are. They’re nasty too. Do you remember that ruckus in Diagon Alley back in the summer? That was them. They hate the invasion of muggle-borns and muggle tech in the wizarding community. They call themselves the Liberators because they think they are liberating the magical world.”

“Why are they here?”

“It must be because of the nightclub. The Dragon’s Scroll is the only nightclub – actually any public place – that caters to both wizards and muggles. There were a few Wizards upset when it first opened, that feeling seemed to have grown.”

“Just like Japan…” Alexis said deep in thought. Her parents died because of these radicals, these Liberators who can’t open their minds to the possibilities of the future. If only Alexis had her wand, she would show them a thing or two. They may even know who killed her parents.

Zack had pulled Alexis further down the street and into an empty alley. There Alexis stopped and yanked her arm out of Zack’s hold. She took her bow in one hand and fished around for any remaining arrows.

“What are you doing?” Zack yelled, a frantic look crossed his face. “You’re crazy! There’s no way you can last against those thugs with a bow and arrow!”

“I’m not running away!” Alexis shouted back, turning on her heals and marched back the way they came.

“If the Liberators are responsible the Ministry of Magic Law Enforcement will send their own people here to hush everything up. They’ll put everything back to rights, erase memories.”

“Capture those responsible?” Zack paused, they both knew that given the Liberator’s ability to apparate, there would be little chance for any Auora to catch them. “Jason and Kaylee could still be in there, they wouldn’t leave anyone behind. Then there’s Minky-“

A popping sound made the two jump. Alexis pulled back one of the few remaining arrows as she turned and aimed it towards the sound. There, in the alley stood Minky. She looked a mess, her clothing singed and soot covering parts of her face. Tears came to Alexis’ eyes, she dropped her bow and arrows and rushed to hug the little house-elf.

“MINKY! You’re alright, you’re safe!”

“Aye mistress… a little flames won’t do me in.” Minky assured in her high toned voice.

“Kaylee, Jason?” Alexis pulled back, a worried look on her face.

“Safe and sound.” The masculine voice came out of the darkness of the alley.. Zack pulled out his wanted and pointed it at the approaching shadow figure.

“Uncle Avery!” Alexis cried and jumped up to her feet and rushed to embrace her uncle.

“Alexis it could be a trick!” Zack warned.

“Then ask me something that only I would know, boy.” Crow fired back. Zack was speechless, but wouldn’t put down his wand. A flapping of wings followed by a dark shape swooped down towards Zack’s outstretched arm. The crow Cadfan knocked the wand from Zack’s hands before circling around to land on Avery’s shoulder.

“It’s him Zack.” Alexis assured her friend. Crow pushed her back and circled out to the street, gazing at the green flames and commotion going on around his business. By the light of the streetlamp, Alexis saw the hate and anger in Crow’s face.

“Where have you been?” Crow asked turning his attention on Alexis.

“I’ve… been…”

“She’s been with me. We took a walk around London.” Zack filled in.

“Don’t cover for her kid, this doesn’t concern you.” Crow said with a dark warning tone before resting his silver eyes on Alexis once more. “You need a bow and quiver of arrows to go for a walk?”

Alexis lips were tight, she had never seen Crow this upset before, the way he glared at her and the voice he talked in. It gave her the shivers, it was almost like talking to a different person.

“When I took you in, it was for your own protection… not for you to play hero late at night!” Crow shouted. “Those flames, the green flames – they made a hole in the ceiling of the night club. Through all my protections, up to the attic.”

“The attic?” Alexis asked, her eyes wide as she glanced behind him at house.

“They were after you Alexis!”

“Then it’s a good thing she wasn’t there.” Zack put forth, stepping up and beside Alexis. “We were out, and good timing too, if they were after her it didn’t work.”

Crow’s face was a mass of emotion, and gave Zack a disagreeable look. He spun around, cursed and gazed upon the destruction. “Fair point.” He said with a growl tone.

“Then the Liberators are behind my parent’s death.” Alexis said, feeling more confident. “We have to stop them, capture them – bring them to justice.”

“They’ve already gone.” Crow said turning around. His face looked tired, his eyes full of sadness.

“Damn it! What the hell? Why is nobody doing anything to find my parent’s killers? There they are, right out in the open and they get away?” Alexis shouted, tears streaming down her checks.

“Life is full of disappointments.” Crow said with a sigh. “The Aurors have taken control of the situation by now… it’s time for you to call it a night.”

Alexis watched in silent anger as Crow walked carefree back to the Dragon’s Scroll. The entire street seemed to have fallen into an unusual quiet state. She tuned towards Zack and quickly brushed the tears from her eyes. “I’ve got to go.”

“Are you going to be safe?”

“I… I don’t know anymore.”

“The Aurors will keep watch of the place until Master Crow can rebuild his protective charms.” Minky chipped in. “Mistress Alexis will be safe with Master Crow around.”

“Thanks for the reassurance.” Zack replied sarcastically.

“How are you going to get back?” Alexis asked.

“I will take your friend home.” Minky said, giving Zack her hand.

“I guess it’s settled then. I’ll see you on the train back to Hogwarts?”

“Yeah – I’ll see you then.”

With a pop, the two vansihed.

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