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Agh! Don’t you just hate it when you just get into a TV show and all of sudden you reached the last episode? I just finished watching Red Data Girl season 1 – an anime i’ve grown very attached to in 10 episodes. I just finished the last episode tonight with a “WHAT? NO!” expression on my face. Damn those short 10 episode animus. You lure me in and just when I get hooked it’s over and I have to wait and see if there will ever be a second season. With my luck the answer would be no.

I’ll get to that later, I think i’ll try to do a review on the firs season since it was so short. Other than that, I am proud to say that I’ve completed the quilting of my Doctor Who Quilt! YEAH. I still have work to do on it, just the binding and washing to get ride of all the blue chalk marks on it. I really, really hope they all come off!!! I will post a picture once when it’s all finished.


I have not done much with my life. Netflix and quilting has taken up most of my time. It sucks as I’ve been working in my head on my fantasy/fairy/magic novel idea for NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve got a few things jotted down and i’ve been writing a few short stories about the girls to help me get a grasp on their personalities. I think i need to go back to their character sheet and just use points to describe their personalities and dislikes. Of course in my head it’s all perfect, getting it down on paper or in point form doesn’t have the same effect. I’m still excited over it and I’m still trying to figure out what my plot is.

Speaking on writing – I’m nearing the end of my Rune Legacy story. I want to thank everyone who’s been reading them chapters. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of getting each chapter ready and posted week by week. It is hard work! Especially as i’m usually also trying to get myself together to head off to my Boyfriends Friday night. I should be working a head on this stuff during the week – but that doesn’t seem to work most of the time. Anyways, I think we are nearing the last five chapters or so. I’ve thrown in some new twists so that may change in the coming weeks. I’ll see how things flow from here.


As some of you know, i’ve been talking quite a bit about the Camino de Santiago. It is always on my mind and I’m starting to worry that I’m freighting my boyfriend a bit. Last weekend was the first time I’ve really went on about it. Talking about bed bugs, and how to prevent them. Packing stuff and issues with airline travel and what I can carry on and off the plan. I think if I was single I may be ready to pick my date and set off.

Having a boyfriend around (one whose been with me for almost 2 years now) has definitely made me hesitate on things. I have no idea what our future is going to be. If I’ll be moving in with him, or if our relationship will move to the next level (ie. marriage). I know he’s thinking of buying a house, and that would make the most sense as I highly doubt the two of us can fit all of our stuff in his apartment. (He barely has enough room). Until I get some sort of closure or if he agrees to go with me, I may have to put a pause on my hiking adventure.

But… that doesn’t mean I can’t still plan for it. I’ve started a pintrest board full of Camino pictures, tips, travel ideas and maps from other people. I’m thinking about joining a forum and getting some of the nitty-gritty questions out-of-the-way. I began a word document trying to tell myself what reasons I have for taking this quest as well as making lists of equipment and packing supplies I need.

If I don’t get to the Camino in 2016, I’ll try to aim for the next year or year after that. I will get there someday.

And with that – I bid you goodnight!