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Chapter 31

Despite her vanquish of the evil spirit over New Years, Alexis was once more cooped up in the Dragon’s Scroll. Crow was watching her now, closer than ever as he repaired his precious nightclub. Alexis couldn’t even gather the mail each day without Crow or his bird stalking behind her. The Aurors stationed outside the Dragon’s Scroll for protection only lasted a few days. Alexis kept watch over them through her oval attic window. There wasn’t much else she could do. By the third night, the nightclub was back up and running. The Auror guard left, and a re-opening party lasted all night. Whatever extra protections Crow used must have met with regulation, still one would think a more watchful eye would be required from here on out.

Interest in the club and the party faded from Alexis’ mind. In only a couple short days she would be back at Hogwarts. She was both eager and depressed as the departure date loomed. Every time she would cross paths with Crow, Alexis would demand information on the attack on the nightclub, then on the death of her parents. In her mind the two incidents were the same, they had to be. Crow grew annoyed with the questions and threatened more than once to use a silence charm on her if she kept on berating him. Here Alexis was, facing what could be her parent’s murders and nobody was doing anything about it. How could she drop it all and go back to school? Her parents deserved justice. Dark thoughts lead to deep depression for the teen. She refused to answer any letters that appeared by her window. Not even Suki could get through to Alexis when she got like this. Her mind was locked into this negative spiral, but even if she stayed behind Crow wouldn’t let her leave the building. The only good thing going back to Hogwarts was fresh air and the ability to move around without him breathing down her neck.

Alexis bag sat by the stairs as she paced across the front hallway. The Hogwarts Express was to leave in an hour and there was still no sigh of her uncle.

“Minky! Where is Avery!” Alexis called out. She had called her uncle by his real name since New Years. She knew he hated it.

With a pop, the house elf appeared. “Master Crow has urgent business with the Ministry.”

“I’m supposed to go back to Hogwarts today! Who’s going to take me?” Anger swept through Alexis. “One minute Avery’s all over me, watching me, thinking he’s protecting me. Then he’s gone! As if he doesn’t even have a niece.”

“Master Crow thinks about you all the time.” Minky said.

“Yeah, right.” Alexis mumbled. With one last look at the clock, she scooped up her bag and headed to the door.

“No mistress! Master said you are not to leave the house.”

“It can’t be that dangerous, the Auror has left. I’m only going to King’s Cross, and if I don’t I’ll miss my train. Unless you can give me an alternative.” Alexis paused, Minky looked nervous. “Kaylee and Jason are out, I don’t know how to summon that wizard’s bus everyone talks about. If I’m to return to Hogwarts – the safest place as Avery said – I have to go now.” She didn’t give the house elf a second look before running out the door.

Alexis was use to the bus schedule around London by now. She jogged three blocks and reached the stop just before the bus left. It had been weeks, months even since Alexis ran. The fresh crisp air and cold snap against her checks felt refreshing after the past four days locked up inside.

Watching the time, Alexis ran between bus stops until she reached King’s Cross – five minutes before departure.

“I’m going to make it!” Alexis whispered to herself as she navigated between the platforms. “I’m going to make it.” The brick barrier between platform 9 and 10 appeared in her sights. She weaved in and out of the crowd, everyone was trying to get back home after the holidays making it more packed than usual. She couldn’t wait around for a lull in the traffic, she had to just go for it.

Picking up her pace, Alexis narrowed in on the magic barrier when out of nowhere a hand grabbed her from behind. An arm wrapped itself around her neck while while the other one locked one arm behind her back. Alexis voice was muffled by the hold. Her bag dropped to the ground as her free arm came up to pull on her assailant’s hold. Whoever they belong to, they were strong and unyielding. Panic fled through Alexis’ veins, she could hear Crow’s voice in the back of her head telling her he was right. Damn! She was so angry at him, wanting to prove a point she didn’t need him and this was where it got her.

“Don’t move.” The voice said. It was deep, a males most likely, and it sounded muffled like he was breathing through a scarf. There was something else, it took Alexis a second to recognize the langue he spoke in. It wasn’t english, it was japanese. “If you scream, or try to run I’ll place the crucio curse on you.”

Alexis’ squirming body stopped. The crucio curse was torture… they had been reading about the three unforgivable curses in Defence Against the Dark Arts before Christmas break. A fear like nothing Alexis had ever felt swept over her. She had no intention of learning how such a curse felt. Her eyes moved to the platform brick wall as her kidnapper moved her away. She had been so close to reaching the platform. Would the Potters be there? Could she try to stall the man, give her time to come up with a plan. Her wand, where was her wand?

“What do you want?” Alexis spoke back in japanese. Breathing was becoming difficult, she now feared she would pass out before her mind could come up with an idea on escaping.

“You’ve been summoned.”

“With whom?”

“I’m just the delivery man.”

There was a lurch as the two apparated out of King’s Cross station.

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