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I am happy to announce that I have started my week of vacation! I’m not going anywhere, perhaps a couple of trips to visit some friends but for the most part I’ll be sticking to my basement apartment with the high hopes of accomplishing a few of my on the go projects.

Already this morning I’ve managed to re-organize my closet – which is usually a mass of clothes and old purses and such. I’m sure I can go through again and throw out a pile of things, but I’m not ready to do a toss out yet. It was also the one thing on my list my mother wanted me to do. Best thing is to get that out-of-the-way so I can focus on more fun things. I hope by making a list, I seem more productive – yet who knows much on it I will finish or even work on this week.

#1 – Quilts

I’ve finished my Doctor Who quilt! Unfortunately I do not have a final picture to show you all. I have taken the quilt back to my parents to wash and remove the leftover chalk from the surface. Once it is dried and I place my tag on I’ll be sure to take a few pictures before sending it into the Fair.  But I have three other quilt projects to occupy my time. My hope is to do something with all three on my week off. I still have my grandmother’s quilt which she started, with a 1000 small squares to sew, any little bit here and there helps. Then there is my July Shop Hop blocks, I do hope to finish all of those blocks this week. Then, finally there is a baby blanket I want to make for a friend. She is due in December – so that may be taking priority this week.

#2 – Writing

I am so excited to say that I have one chapter left for my Rune Legacy blog serial. I may have to add on an extra chapter as there seem so be so much wrapped up in the last one. It would be nice to finish that up and edit it so all I have to do is post on the next couple of Fridays. Once that’s finish I plan to go back to planning my November NaNoWriMo. I have a story, characters, but plot is still lacking in some areas. I have been focusing more on my characters lately and even gone through an excursus of writing a prequel from each of my four girl’s perspective before they meet up in my book. I hope by doing this I will be able to sort out their personalities better so they don’t sound the same in my head. My plan is to post those short stories on my blog a week prior to NaNo Kick off.

I still have other writing projects floating in my mind and what’s worse right now is my Paranormal Novel I’ve been working on for over two years has poked its head out at me. I haven’t touched it in over a year now and now that I’ve been working with “prowrightingaid” I want to go back and do some more editing on it, as well as rewriting and shuffling things around. New ideas have formed and I hope to add in more suspense after reading a few helpful articles recently. I hope I can wait and start working on this project again this December or January of 2016. (Anyone wanting to help me with this is encouraged to contact me 😉 )

My final writing project I’ve been toying around with isn’t much of a writing project as research. I still wish to walk the Camino de Santiago and have finally purchased a few guide books. My plan is to work out a walking schedule with me and figure out how long it would take me (roughly) and what sights I want to see. I have been tempted to write a book afterwards about my experiences, but notice that the book market is already flooded with these books and they do have a very similar sound to it. I’ve brainstormed other avenues to pursue after my walk (if i ever go on it). A photo book is assumed as I’ll be taking a tone of pictures. But I realized i can make a fictional account of my experiences. That is really where my Paranormal Novel started poking me in the head. Why not combine the two? Take my psychic from the paranormal novel, have her be dragged to the camino by a friend (I’m still figuring out which one out of two in my head – and yes my character is usually reluctant and has to be dragged to do things outdoors). There on the first day in the mountains stumbles upon a spirit (with her bones) and is then persuaded by the spirit to take her to Santiago – as she can not cross  over until her sins have been forgiving. I love this idea so much! I wish someone would now sponsor me to go and gather the details on the camino lol.

#3 – Video Games

Yup, that’s right. I want to make sure to lay back and have some fun with video games. My boyfriend has been so awesome to me and allowed me to borrow a couple of his games: “Uncharted” and “Skyrim”. I’ve started Uncharted a couple of weeks ago and even though I such at first person shooter style I absolutely love the game. It takes me a few (more like five to ten) tries to get through an area but I still enjoy it. Skyrim I started last night, had a bit of a hard start but I’m getting the hang of it slowly. I don’t usually write game reviews, I wouldn’t know where to start. I thought about writing one about Uncharted and Skyrim but they are also older games and whatever meaningful reviews that have been made have already been done lol. I may still post progresses and frustrations.

#4 – Books

I am almost finished the last Anne of Green Gables books: Rilla of Ingleside. Having never read that book before I’m glad I can finish a series with a book I’ve come to love very much. I have a pile next to my bed to start reading. I hope to pick up “Ready Player One” shortly as well as finally finish this non-fiction book about psoriasis that my boyfriend’s mom gave me months ago. From there I may try to get into fantasy and sci-fi again before heading back towards Literature.

So those are my plans for the week. Maybe a bit overambitious? I guess I’ll tell you next Sunday what I did and didn’t do off the list.