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I just have to say THANK YOU to all those who have taken a glimpse at The Rune Legacy over the past several months. Last Friday was the final chapter. I’m not sure what’s next for that little Fan Fiction of mine. What had started out as a camp NaNo project of 50k words ended up being well over 60k after editing and expanding. There are still plenty of errors scattered throughout my writing, and holes – oh my the holes. I’ve done my best to work them out before I posted them, but I know I forgot something along the way.

There’s a part of me who wants to try again, you know go back do some more editing and fill in the holes better than before – however – it’s still a fan fiction in the end. It was fun, entertaining, but will never stand on its own.  As much as I love my heroine and would like to see her grow into someone awesome and adventurous but time is short and other projects are calling my name.

Perhaps one day, a few years from now I may go back and rediscover this novel, find a way to make it unique and original yet still pay homage to J.K. Rowling. Until then, it is time for me to move on.

It is September, and only two months away from NaNoWriMo. I have plenty of work a head of me as I go back to world building with my November novel idea. I’m sticking with the magic theme from the Rune Legacy, but adding in Fairies, Necromancers, a magical realm and elemental magic. I’ve made mention of this idea several times in my past ramblings, I’ve at least made some progress since then – but not much.

My novel for NaNo will be titled “Silverleaf Academy: Cinderbluff”. It will surrounded a young teenage girl from our modern world. Normal in many ways, she has a secret and a curse of starting fires with her mind. Her fire-starter habit has wrecked her live more than once, alienated her from many of her peers and even her own mother. We start the novel with our heroine in the biggest trouble yet – a police station where one of her accidental fires had killed a man.

From there, my plan is to have her cross over into the magical world through a desperation to avoid the law from her own, and a curiosity of her father and what he left behind for her. Very little is explained to her before she crosses over, only that she will attend a school that her father had already enlisted her in prior to his death (still wondering if that should be changed).

In the magical world, our heroine will discover how to control her magic and abilities, as well as learn that her father’s name is more popular and frowned upon than anticipated. Despite the taint already hanging over her head, she is able to make friends – some supportive – others not as much. Her goal becomes one of righting the wrongs of her father, to find the truth about him and also to prove his innocence.

From there – I don’t have much else of a plot. I’m usually a plot centred person who likes to throw in curve balls and challenge all of my characters yet the more I try to work out my story structure and chapter structure the more I realize i’m making a character themed book. I’m worried I may not have enough juice for 50k.

I do have two conflicts in my book to help push it along. Or at least I hope. But I feel that I need a third, the underlying darkness of a conflict that many good vs. evil themed books have. I have yet to give this dark evil a face, or even a name. So far i’ve only managed to create a few pawns wit their own issues to help make things difficult for the heroine. I am leery on having a dark entity in my book, I like the idea even though it’s been done time and time again. I hope that my main pawn of darkness will be enough to prevent the true dark one to come forward. If all goes well, I may create a series where the dark one will eventually show it’s true form.

As you can tell – i’m still rattling off possibilities for this book. I tend to do this with friends all the time. Writing or even speaking about my book and problems I face helps me reform and find solutions in the mess.

I have high hopes for Silverleaf Academy, but I won’t know for sure until I begin to write it out. I’ll be sure to post updates once the process is further along. Until then, I do have a board on pintrest i’ve started that centre around this book and characters. With enough inspiration I’m sure i’ll find a way through all my writing problems.