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Is it just me, or does time fly? Already in another three weeks I’ll be starting another NaNoWriMo novel. That’s right, another 50k novel in 30 days.

The question really is, am I ready for it?

Quick answer is no. Not exactly. I’ve had all these plans on world building, getting at least four pre-stories done and up on my site to help introduce my four girls and learn more about their style and personality before writing the actual novel. I’ve completed 2 out of the four, and still want to complete a fifth – if time allows.

Time does not seem to be on my side, nor inspiration. Not only am I struggle to get these pre-stories completed, i’m struggling to sew two costumes for Halloween. My boyfriend and I decided to do a “couples” or really a “pair” costume for the party we are invited to Halloween night. It’s awesome and I can’t wait to show you all how they turn out, but that means i’m struggling to organize my time after work. Needless to say, but writing has been taken a back seat.

Not only that, but this next weekend i’ll be attending Blissdom Canada up in Blue Mountain with my boyfriend. There will be little time to write, as I’m sure i’ll be jumping around from panel to panel as well as making sure my BF is having fun. There sounds like there will be some pitching for novels so I hope I can get my act together and at least have something ready to present if I get the opportunity.

I’m in a bit of a panic about it all too. I’m worried my story has no clear direction. As much as I worked out a number of conflicts and side plots, how to weave them together, then to have them resolved by the end seems daunting and overwhelming. I don’t even have much of an ending, only what I wish how things will turn out. As I start my outlining and working on characters and trying to put in some bigger conflict and plot line – i’m worried my ending isn’t going to happen.

Characters – I wish they would listen to me for once.

I hope by the end of October I’ll be able to announce a good start to my novel and that i’ve worked out all my problem holes – but let’s face it – I won’t be saying that. To all those participating this year, good luck and I hope you achieve your own goals this November!