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I just arrived home after a fantastic four days at the #BlissdomCA retreat at #BlueMountainResort. I had a great time, my boyfriend came with me and I was able to share this part of my life with him. I was a bit worried, he does not have a Blog, or even a Twitter account. Spending a weekend with a bunch of bloggers I think really opened his mind and I think he had a good time as well.

Blue Mountain did a great job hosting all of us, neither of us had been and I know for sure we enjoyed walking the Village and the Friday Afternoon Excursions. Even the snow on Saturday and Sunday morning didn’t ruin our mood, it was a bonus to see the mountain cover in snow before we left! We had such a good time and I do recommend anyone in the area to check out the Village and nearby attractions.

Besides the down time and the exploring Blue Mountain my mind has been deep in thought over all the panels and workshops. There was a main theme that kept popping up – Finding Your Why. Why did I start my blog? Why did I get on social media?

From my twitter handle to my search for a blog, I was very hesitant to start any form of social media. But I knew if I wanted to continue my writing with any seriousness I had to start a platform somewhere. I started on LiveJournal – which did not go well. It become more of a journal than a starting platform. WordPress was suggested by a fellow co-worker, I liked the look and the more I read up on it the more I thought it would be a good fit for me and my purpose. My blog name, however, I sort of regret. Trying to tell other blogger the name of my blog made me realize how unusual it sounds. LOL.

Order of Dynast is not a large blog, it was a solid starting point for me. A place to share bits of my fiction writing, my love of fandoms and other personal experiences I feel comfortable posting about. To find others who share my interests and to see if anyone else finds my writing and ideas interesting. It has been an incredible journey these past couple of years, I want to thank you all for following and connecting with me. I’ve learned a lot about keeping up my blog, content, and with some advice from friends how to do a proper edit on my stories before I post. I’m still not perfect, I still don’t always know what to post at times and come up with some pretty random stuff.

The conference continued to go on about your niche, finding your own voice, what makes you and your writing unique, and how to stay authentic when you start branding. I don’t know how to answer that, what exactly is my WHY or my niche? I like fiction and fandoms, I like sharing with you what i’ve learned while writing, my process and ideas. I like reviewing books,movies and anime. I’m not sure if i’m unique or what I’m doing will stand out, but it’s what I enjoy and for now I am more than happy to continue down this path.

So I want to ask you, what is your WHY? Why have you starting your blog, have you stayed true to your original vision or has things changed along the way?