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There is a reason why i’ve not done a complete in depth fantasy novel before. Magic. Ugh, what was I thinking! Here i am prepping myself, my novel; characters, places, and conflicts and I hit a snag.

The Magic System.

I realized that I have not fully understood how magic works in this world. I have an idea, a concept and the beginnings of system but have left everything else in the air. Today i’ve been going through google searches trying to see what I need to include, or understand before I start my novel in November. Nothing has really helped me to say i’m on the right track, nor deterred me away from my loose concepts. But I feel I need help.

As with my many other novels when I reach a problem like this I need to vent it out. I need to borrow an ear of someone whom I can just blurt out my ideas, find the flaws when they are spoken out loud and fix them with my ramblings. It helps with my borrowed ear has knowledge on the genre and can probe me for more details where I need them. Unfortunately – I don’t have anyone like that around right now.

So with this fantasy story, i wanted to use the four elements as my base of my magic system. Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Simple and straight forward, I always liked the elements as they already give weakness against the opposite element. But I wanted to go beyond just the basics. Really, I wanted necromancy in my world and I didn’t know where to put that in the basic elements.

So I added Dark and Light – or Soul would be a better word. In my mind Soul is the essence of magic, the force, the power within one’s being that allows magic to come forth. I’m not sure how else to explain it.

From here, I began to apply magic to different species. My main characters are Faries/ or Fae as I want to them to take on the traditional sense being normal size and without wings. My characters are actually half-Fae – but that’s not the point right now. In my mind Faries are closer tied to the elements and can use them at will with little spells. Spells are mostly used to control and direct the magic.

Then there are Elves, which I think would be on par with the Farie’s magic. They however require spells, rituals and objects to preform their magic. I also began thinking that where fairies are tied to their element, Elves could have the ability to branch out to their neighbouring elements.

Next on the scale would be the Mages, Wizards and Sorcerers. Like the Elves they can branch out to the other elements, but they require more study and an object to cast spells and magic. I picture these beings to be of a lower end of the magic supremacy scale – if there was one. In this categories all other species could enter, dwarfs, half breads, trolls, orcs – anyone really. The only downside is that study is important meaning one must be an apprentice or go to school to learn and not everyone has the funds available to do so.

I have a sub-level of the Mage category of magic that I want to include, but unsure how at the moment. In my world “ Aihine”, there is a close connection to the human world with many portals that are now closely guarded. Because of their close relationship I believe a lot of technology from the human world had made it’s way over and that there is a branch of magic that has altered tech into magical uses. I call them Techno Mages. They are responsibility for the tech advances of the world including record players, transportation and phones.

So that is all I have so far with my magic system – if it is one. Like I said, it’s still all in the works and I am sure as I write in November it will flesh out more. But if anyone has any suggestions I would be happy to hear it!