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Clairvoyance Chronicles – Volume 1Book Cover
By: Natasha Guyot

Clairvoyance Chronicles is a compilation of short stories, yet each story ties in with another to create a novel. Natasha Guyot makes a world inhabited by supernatural beings, Fae, Were’s and Shifts. Through the numerous stories we get glimpses into their lives, what they are living for, and what they are fighting for. Some stories flirt around the main plot line, focusing on minor characters while others deal directly with a major threat working it’s way towards them.

All of the short stories ad written in first person of the particular character, but there is more to it. Many of the stories jump back and forth in time. We are not talking about decades but centuries here. Fae and were’s live a long life and as the common theme around all the stories is supernatural it is only natural to assume their lives are long and complex because of it. At first it slipped me up a little but you soon get an idea of the individual’s person personality. But showing you scenes of their past you learn what has driven them, why they became what they became and how important the future holds for them.

The entire collection surrounds a particular nasty abnormal called Keno. (I really do love that name). A being who can not be killed and is building an army of were’s of all animals to topple the Fae council as it stands in present day. We get our first glance of Keno and his villanous ways in the first story with Neyla taking place during the stone age when Keno kidnaps Neyla’s daughter and ends up killing her to persuade Neyla (who is a saber tooth cat were) to his side. From there we learn how over the centuries he keeps appear, keeps knocking at the Fae’s door but none of his past schemes work and his is driven underground once more.

There are many other side stories that happen throughout the collection, many of them relating back to Keno and his current strategy of creating a were army but the number of newly bitten people and children turning into weres. By getting insights into the same situation from multiple angles we the reader get a more thorough insight into the issues at hands. At first it is odd to read one story from one prospect, then to see it continue through another’s, but it works out as we learn to care and value each of those characters we read about. There is even a short story on Keno that is insightful, giving us clues as to Keno’s real motivation. But no worries – nothing is given away at this point.

I have never read a book like this before. Most of the books that are complied of short stories may have a common theme but are never liked as much as they are here. It is creative and I have been drawn into many of the character’s story. Being that this is the first volume, there are many unanswered questions by the end of the read. I am left on the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen next! It is panful and exciting at the same time.

Besides the story points of the review above, I wanted to make mention of the characters themselves in the stories. They range in diversity which is really inspiring. There is also those with disabilities getting their own representation. I found it amazing that one of the shifters named Gabby was blind, and learned to shift into a bat form to help her see in a different way. There was not much talked on this matter but I hope to see her take the form more in the upcoming books.

Natasha Guyot has done a wonderful job in creating a world of supernatural beings living along side humans. Through years of hardships we see these characters still struggle with everyday life and the greater good. I am looking forward to reading more and to find out what Keno has in store for many of her characters.

About the Author:
Natasha Guyot is a French author, scholar and public speaker. She is passionate about Science Fiction, Fantasy, Transmedia, Gender Studies, Children Media and Fan Studies. The two of us met on a Star Wars RPG site years ago and have become great friends ever since. I’m excited that I was able to get a chance to not only read some of her fiction work, but to review it as well.

Clairvoyance Chronicles will be available to purchase in November at the following locations: Goodreads page, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia.

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