It has been a whirlwind of a month, but I am happy, excited,  and exhausted to tell you that I have completed another NaNoWriMo. At just over 50k, I managed to get enough words of my fantasy novel down on the computer and validated it all last Friday night. Now that it is over, I am once more at that ‘what now stage’.

This has been my fifth NaNo, so I am aware of the drain and the ‘what now’ question that circulates through man NaNoer’s minds. You would think I would be used to such thoughts, but I’m not. Every night now I look at my laptop and don’t know what to do with myself. I have other projects I can work on. A short story to edit and revise once more, my NaNo Novel from my second attempt to do a third round of edits and revisions on. Yet it feels too soon to launch right into another project. I want to write, but I also want to give my body – and mind a break.

So i’ve decided to move my train of thoughts from writing to crafting. My coffee table is covered with Christmas fabric, pins, snowflake buttons, thread and scissors as I try to cut, sew and stuff twenty star ornaments before Christmas. (6 are done, plus 2 test ones).

It has helped kept my mind busy and preoccupied for the most part but my computer just sits there looking at me – taunting me to come back and write. Anything! Not just a story, but a blog post, or a book review, movie review, something to keep me writing every day as I’ve done for the past 29 days.

I’ll get there eventually. Christmas comes first, but my new years goals are already set. Editing, Editing and more Editing!