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It’s crazy how time flies! Only two short weeks ago I was finishing up NaNoWriMo with plans to start editing past works in December. Yeah – that didn’t happen, at least not yet.  Instead, Christmas has taken hold of me. I have spent the last couple of weeks working on crafts and shopping for gifts in an attempt to prepare myself for the holiday season. I’m excited to say that I at least have all my gifts bought and mostly wrapped. My small christmas tree is up (it never actually comes down) and decorated. I even helped my boyfriend this year set up his!

These past couple of weeks have been great for down time, and unwind from the 50k story I had just written. I’ve been able to relatively forget about the hurried and nasty parts of my past writing and let my brain veg out and take on a different line of thoughts relating to past writing projects and their problems.

Work has actually been slow, allowing me to daydream more than usual, and most of my day dreams focus around new stories, characters, plot ideas and plot holes within my ideas. As of late i’ve been touring around the TV Tropes site working on ideas and how to flesh out parts of a story in my head. It’s been a little helpful, at least it has helped me flesh out some major plot ideas surrounding ‘The Hero’s Journey’ and figuring out if my idea is a ‘MacGuffin’ or not. I love that I want to focus on past projects but instead i end up doing research for new ones.

I’m still having issues with my plot lines for this VR game novel idea i’ve got stuck in my head. I think i’ve finally figured out the main quest inside the game, but need to develop more obstacles and issues for my MC to face outside of the game, and link them all together. I will admit Earnest Cline’s Ready Player One has helped me sort out a few kinks in my head. My main issue that I just have to bring up now is the relationship between my MC and her mother. I want it to be a strained relationship, how the mother is trying to push her daughter into being more productive with her life instead of in the VR world. And how my MC doesn’t know what she want’s to do with her life and poor grades. I know there are issues there that I can play with I just haven’t been able to grasp them all in my head yet to make sense or use out of them!

IT’S FRUSTRATING! Which ends up me going to Netflix or gaming to try and let my brain mellow and subconscious work on it all.

Besides research for new projects, i’ve been watching Critical Role on the Geek and Sundry site. It all stems back to Will Weaton’s Titanfall RPG game they had done this past year that eventually got my boyfriend and I to watch Critical Role. It has definitely inspired my love of fantasy all over again! I’m hooked on it and together the two of us are trying to catch up on the past season – or two? It’s hard given that many of the episodes are close to 3 hours long. I’d love to figure out the twitch site and watch it live eventually, but the geek in me has ordered that I watch all the past episodes in early before that every happens.

I’m not sure if i’ll be posting anything new before the New Year. I’ve got Star Wars this coming weekend, a party Saturday night with my BF, then christmas the following weekend – and new years after that!

If I don’t post anything until the New Year, I want to thank you all for taking an interest in my work this past year on my blog. It’s been three fabulous years and every year I learn something new and gain more experience. (Yeah EXP!)

Merry Christmas to all!