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When I play video games, I typical go to the RPGs, the Final Fantasies, Star Oceans, Xenosaga and the like. I am not a first person shooter. My aim is horrible and I know before even trying such a game I would get frustrated and give up.

Drake’s Fortune was not like that. I’ve been tempted to play the game in the past. It looked fun, interesting and maybe the one shooter game I could live with. This past summer on my vacation my boyfriend lent me his copy of Uncharted, just this past weekend I finished the game. Yes, it took me a while, I didn’t play it every day but once in a while I’ll pop it into my PS3 and enjoy the ride.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune follows Nathan Drake a treasure hunter looking for clues from his ancestor Sir Frances Drake to discover the treasure of El Dorado. His accompanied by reporter Elena Fisher and partner “Sully” on an adventure that takes them through abandoned Nazi submarines, plane crashes, jungles, ancient ruins and supernatural beings.

It’s one hell of an adventure and I am sucked into the game very quickly every time I turn it on. Of course I’m not a natural at these games and there are times that I do get frustrated and turn it off, but I like the gameplay, the puzzles you have to solve and the action is fun. And after some time, and like 30 goes of the same shoot out I felt that I did get better at aiming and killing the enemies.

I was hesitant at first when my boyfriend would come over and said I could play in front of him. I was afraid he’d make fun of my as my brother would. I was mistaken, watching him play I learn he and I are on the same level which made it fun and less intimidating. The two of us had some fun taking turns playing Nate and working through the problems. He did laugh at me, but only when the monsters came out of the darkness and I would scream, literally scream out loud! I laughed at myself too.



Anyways… I was surprised by how much fun I had with this game and I actually want to play it again, see if I can unlock anymore trophies. (Which I did unlock a number the first time around!) I might be better the second time, knowing what’s coming. Though I may end up switching this game with Uncharted 2 and continue with the story.

For any gamers out there who are like me and try to avoid such shooting games, I would highly recommend you give this one a try. I think you will enjoy much more than you think!