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I know – it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog. There is a reason behind it, though I’m sad to say that i’ve been procrastinating on my reason these past couple of weeks.

First, the reason. I set a goal for myself for 2016 – a goal to edit two stories of mine. I thought it would be easier to start with my short story “The Nightfall”. It has turned out to be more complicated and in depth editing than I thought. I’ve been working hard for a few days with prowritingaid.com and the Nightfall. Catching my passive verbs, sticky sentences and other bad habits of mine. Yet, my ending keeps changing. I’m still in the process of re-writing it and as i’m doing that I get new ideas on how to re-write past scenes. Let’s just say it’s not going exactly as I imagined it. Full of setbacks and A LOT of doubts i’m only slowly plugging away at it.

And that story is only 10k words long!

How am I going to handle myself when I move onto my Paranormal Adventure novel of over 50k?

It’s scary and daunting and when I get overwhelmed like i have now I turn my focus to something else. A book, my quilts, movies, tv shows, and games. Just something to distract me so my subconscious can work away at the problem.

Lately I’ve been focusing on creating a Dungeon and Dragon’s character. Pintrest is full of amazing character designs others have drawn and created. If anyone’s following me on Pintrest – sorry for all the demon and other fantasy pins. (But not really 😉 )

This past Christmas, my boyfriend gave me a set of dice and the 5th Edition of the D&D Players Handbook. The two of us had stumbled upon Critical Role on the Geek & Sundry site and fell in love with the program that involves a bunch of voice actors playing D&D. I have played only a few times back in college with my roommate and friends. It was fun, but I was stiff and uncomfortable my first time out. Now, after learning more on writing backgrounds, getting in character heads and cosplaying  – I feel like giving it another go. My boyfriend is on the same page and has also expressed an interest in being the DM. With his contacts at work it seems we are getting closer to finding others who would give it a try too.

Which means, I need to get my character into gear – as well as help my boyfriend buy the necessary materials and books for DM’ing the game. Thankfully i’ve already decided upon my character, managed to get my scores and hit points but still working on her appearance and backstory – not to mention Armour Class and weapons.

I’ve chosen a Tiefling – with a catch. Tieflings have demonic heritage somwhere in their bloodline. Yet, as I scroll through pages of artwork – I realize many of them have horns – if not all. I have a different visual in my head.

In my mind, my Tiefling is more of a cat demon then devil demon, with cat ears, fangs, eyes, and a tail. (Preferably a lion’s tail that has a tuff of fur at the end.) I picture her with red hair with a black undertone/strip. Perhaps a couple of black tattoo looking strips along the side of her face and down her back to her tail. The tail will then be he same red as her hair with the tuff black.

There are demons in the D&D world that are tiger like called Rakshasas, my plan and hope is that i can have my Tiefling fall into that line of demon, without any horns. Unfortunately as my boyfriend and I read the Players Handbook and search the net, we are unable to find any answers if that is possible or not. Both of us being quite noobs to the game it’s hard to decide on an answer.

If there are any experts or at least more experienced players out there who could help me with this issue, i’d love the feedback!

My basic background in my head so far has my character longing to be accepted into the society she grew up in. Her grandfather is/was a Master at Arms at the castle with enough respect that transfers to tolerating my Tiefling by the townspeople, but never fully accepted or respected. She enters the Guard to start her path of becoming the next Master at Arms – to follow her grandfather’s footsteps and in her mind become a respected citizen. Her training is never completed and is betrayed by her group of fellow guardsmen while out on a hunt – which was really is a rouse to betray her and banish her from the town.

There is still more I want to work out, but I feel i have a foundation that I can build on as the campaign moves forward.

I’m really excited about this prospect and has been a great distraction from other pressing matters. I will still do my editing this year, and I will let you all know how it goes. I might even post samples as I get further along.

But until then, procrastination and distraction is my name.