OMG Synopsis are hard! How much to you tell, and how much to you keep secret to let the reader be surprised? For a novel it doesn’t seem so difficult, I’ve done it a few times for my NaNoWriMo page. Yet short stories is different… I end up telling almost all of the story in only two short paragraphs – which is not what I want to do.

This Nightfall story is important to me. I really want you all to enjoy it and be the best bit of fiction I release to date. It is why I’m spending money on an editor and making sure when I do upload it to Kindle it will have as few mistakes as possible. As I wait for my edits, I thought I’d work on a synopsis.  I’ve created three samples so far. None of them sound right yet. I’m not having much luck and would appreciate some feedback.


Synopsis 1:

Humanity has emptied the Earth from all possible resources, leaving it a hollow shell of its further self. Their only hope is to scatter across the galaxy, finding new planets fit for human survival. The Nightfall, the latest colony ship is on its twenty-year journey to the planet Mercies when it is ruthlessly attacked by pirates. Leaving behind a skeleton crew of survivors – none fully capable of restoring the Nightfall’s basic operating system.

Callie Barett faces the daunting task of filling her mother’s shoes in restoring power and engines back to The Nightfall. Yet life is not easy under their new Acting Captain who’s violent outbursts brings along a new form of tyranny to the once peaceful ship. Reaching their breaking point, Callie and her friends face treason Brandyn William’s back to send a distress signal into the surrounding space.

But who will answer, the pirates or something worse?


Synopsis 2:

The Nightfall was one of the latest colonel ships to leave the ruined planet Earth. Their destination a twenty-year journey to the planet Mercies in a new galaxy. It was the only life Callie Barett knew, living on the spaceship for ten out of the fifteen years of her life. It was her home. Working under her mother in Engineering, Callie’s life is turned upside down when the Nightfall was attacked by pirates. Alien pirates.

With only a skeleton crew of survivors, Callie faces the daunting task of repairing the ship. Tensions run high as their new Acting Captain Brandyn Williams takes violence and tyranny to a new level – making life onboard the worse it has ever been. Along with a group of friends, they take matters into their own hands and send a distress signal to anyone in their vicinity. An act of treason, nobody knew who will answer.

Would the pirates who stranded their space ship return or was there someone else out there that would save them?


Synopsis 3:

For ten years Callie Barett lived on the Nightfall, a colony ship sent to the planet Mercies – a twenty-year journey from earth. Working in the Engineering Department under her mother and spent most of her time in tight crawl spaces fixing error codes and electrical currents.  After one such exploration of the crawl space between decks, Callie exits to find herself alone in an empty corridor.

Attacked and incapacitated, The Nightfall is faced with multiple challenges. Two-thirds of the registered population is either missing, dead or injured, their food and medical supplies taken and their acting captain is a bully. Between repairing the ship and keeping civility amongst the survivors,  Callie and her friends risk treason to send a distress signal.

But who will answer? The Pirates, or someone else?


Again, any feedback, suggestions and comments are welcome!