So, for the first time I’ve decided to back a kickstarter project. It’s not like i’ve been putting it off or anything, really I’ve never paid much attention to kickstarter projects or even visited the site before. I’ve heard about it, I know of a few projects who’ve made it through Kickstarter which I found awesome. But i’m also a little nervous and worried about what my money would be put towards.

That is until i’ve seen the start up project for Lost Hope.

It’s kind of a funny story of how I even heard about the project. It was all through twitter. I posted a tweet about #CriticalRole last Thursday – debating about actually watching the twitch episode live – even though i’m still working my way through past episodes. In the end the ice storm made my choice by cutting out my power – but in light of that I received a ping back and a request to join in on Lost Hope’s project.

To really get the full load of the project go visit their kickstarter site. Where there are promo videos describing the show, what they’ve have created so far and all the special give away prizes and swag.

So, created by Jeff Saamanen and Natalie Harvey, Lost Hope is an animated TV series about a group of humans who survived the destruction of the Earth on a special ship designed by the government. The look is very Archer-esque with the same style of comedy. So of course it’s up my alley. They have some amazing voice actors lending their impressive talents to the show, and it’s sci-fi!

This looks like an amazing show and the story in itself sounds great and I really can’t wait until they create and release the videos. So I’ve made the decision to back them and put money towards helping them move forward with their goal and passion.

I really hope they reach their goal and I want to invite all of you to check out their site and promo video to learn more and think about backing them.