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It’s a bit late, but this past Saturday I attended my first Dungeon & Dragons session!

It was great! My boyfriend is the DM and put on a great first show for us. Given that the majority of us had either never played, or have only a little experience it went well. Stiff, as we were all learning the rules and dice but in the end we all had fun.

Our group consists of a Tiefling Fighter (that’s me! but a cat-demon look), a Human Cleric, an Elf Ranger, an Elf Wizard and a Half-Elf Warlock. Yeah, we are pretty magic heavy. Our first mission consisted of meeting the Barron of Polevale to join up in a group and find a silver-leafed flower for their Festival. We were given five days, but found the flower in the first. We fought some wild animals, an Orc (where I found a Great Axe), a bunch of skeletons and goblins.

You should have seen us fighting the goblins – we couldn’t hit them worth sh*t. I almost died as well… that’s what I get by choosing the leather armour and bow for my class. I might have to change that and get some plate armour eventually.

We came across a cave, where the goblins who stole our flower went and a trap at the entrance. Of all the characters, my brother’s (the half elf warlock) wanted to set off the trap, which we did on our way out. He pulled the rope and the trap door didn’t open, so our Wizard used a spell to open it – and an anvil size rock fell out. Thankfully not hitting anyone in the process. It was silly, but that is part of the game.

The game only lasted a couple of hours, my brother had to leave a bit early so we ended it just outside the cave all set for the night. There is talk about going back into the cave to take the other fork in the road – which was good that we stopped as my boyfriend confessed he didn’t plan anything down the second path!

Hopefully we will be getting back together for a second session at the end of April or beginning of May. Overall I had a great time and am excited for our next session. My hope is that once we get settled and used to the mechanics we will have time to explore our characters and get a deeper game out of it all. As a writer I will be keeping notes and maybe something will come out of it.

But for now it’s a game and we are having a blast!