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I’ve never tried a writing prompt before. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve read a number of books about writing that talk about them, seen the advice on other writer’s blog about them too. They seem to sound important, but i never got into them. I’ve been too focused on my own ideas to keep me busy to even think about using a prompt for help or for new ideas.

Recently my Pintrest board began to pull up writing prompts. Some of them I was as usual ‘meh’ about, yet surprisingly I found a small handful of prompts that sparked my imagination and creativity. My problem now is… what do I do with them?

I was never given a clear answer as to the purpose of a writing prompt, besides a way to get inspired. I mean, do you start with the prompt’s message and move into a story, do you just use it as a base idea and wrap a story around it, are you meant to use it as is, or can you alter it? For dialogue prompts is it a copywrite to use it exactly as it’s written?

So many questions! I guess my only way to get around it and over it is to try one out. I’ve set up a scrivener file and placed the ones i like the most in there. We’ll see if I ever get around to trying one out. Who knows maybe it’ll become a novel?

Question: Has anyone tried prompts before? Have they been helpful?