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So this past Friday evening I received my review/suggestions/advice from the editor I’d hired to look over my short story. I had chosen a manuscript evaluation to help me strengthen any plot holes and character development. It was very nerve wrecking for me, having never paid anyone to critique my work before.

However – the review was great and the advice along the lines of what I expected. Overall my editor enjoyed my story, and there were little changes required. A few questions about people/positions and where my crowbar came from. Other than that, her suggestions were to lengthen my story (currently at 11k) into more novella length and focus more on the emotional states of my characters, changing their reactions up and dive deeper into how the crew of the Nightfall would react after being attacked by space pirates.

I am quite pleased at the evaluation and have taken her up on lengthening my story. Of course that means setting aside more time to flesh out characters and circumstances but in the end it should prove to add to my ending.

Now that one stage of editing is done. It’s time for me to get work again and perhaps work with my editor on a fourth review. Of course, this does put a wrench into my writing goals for this year. Not having expected this short story to take up so much of my time, I may not be able to release it until the fall or later in the year.

I still want to aim for a 2016 release, but I want to make sure that this is the best bit of writing I can put out before I do so.