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These past few weeks had me thinking of the future. In particular my full-time ‘day’ job. For those who don’t know I am by trade a Graphic Designer working at an independent weekly newspaper. Our circulation is over 40k, so we are large. Despite the fall backs other newspapers have experienced we are still going strong and expanding in other print projects. It’s a steady employment. I’ve been there for around 9 years now and it’s hard to think of doing anything else.

Lately, my boyfriend and I have been discussing our living arrangements. He is on the hunt for a house and the talk has circled around us moving in together. It is something I’m excited to do, but that means moving 40-60 min away from my job.

Currently – I walk to work.

So the choice is now before me. Do I make the commute or look for something else? Both have their pros and cons. Like I said the paper is steady and strong and I’m comfortable there. But driving that distance, especially during Canada’s winter is not something I really want to do. The obvious solution would be to find a new Graphic Design job in the city I’m moving to.

Well – that’s easier said than done. I’ve been checking jobs online and the Graphic Design area has been hit hard. I’m surprised at how little there is out there now. I remember when I first graduated (2005) and the jobs were everywhere! Now, it seems companies and the big papers are outsourcing our jobs. It sucks.

Now I’m wondering if I should take this as a sign. Not just to find a different job not related to Graphic Design or media, but something part-time or even, dare I say it – focus on my writing. Take time off, a year at the most and just focus on my stories and novels. Hire editors and search for agents and publishers willing to work with me.

It’s a scary idea, but it could be fruitful…. but on the other hand I don’t want to put the financial pressure on my boyfriend the moment we move in. I want to be an equal partner in this relationship, including the financial resources. I know he already makes more than I, but the point is that I’m contributing to the house and our relationship.

So what will the future hold for me? Will I find a new job or stick with the old? Take the plunge and do something risky or play it safe?