Below are a list and links to my works currently available on Kindle. Enjoy!


BookCover2 - edited

by N. J. McCoy
Cover by: Natacha Guyot

Nyria’s life couldn’t get much worse. Not only was she now the laughing stock of the Afgadu Military, she now was sent as a form of punishment to the other end of the galaxy for some smuggler who most likely would have already fled before she arrived.

Frustrated and upset, Nyria hops onto the only trans galactic transport line only to find it disturbingly empty. With nothing left for her in Afgadu space, and her career on the line she put her worries behind her and entered the line, only to have her worries proven wright half way through. With a ship full of pirates on her tail, Nyria finally has an outlet for pent up anger and she’s not afraid to show it.

They picked the wrong girl to try and rob.


Red Haven
by N.J. McKay

Kye’s life may not be perfect, but life on board of a space station inhabited by the low lives of the galaxy, he couldn’t complain. Red Haven had become his shelter and home in a galaxy where he was constantly on the run, avoiding bounty hunters and the Fed’s. That all changes when he is doubled crossed by his latest boss, a pirate who valued wealth over everything else.

Now Red Haven was under attack by the Fed’s themselves.

Kye must use his contacts and skills to pull off an escape before the rusted space station explodes around him. 



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