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Well, it’s now past Christmas and I’m glad to report that my boyfriend liked his stocking, all stuffed with gifts. It was only later did I discover that due to his culture traditions christmas stockings were never included. So, maybe that made his christmas a little extra special having one made from me.

It was an unusual holiday, the first one where I had to split my time between my own family and that of my boyfriend’s, even the first christmas the two of us spent together. I had a great time, and enjoyed the Ukraine dishes his mother served us for Christmas Day. I really hope this continues on.

I don’t want to get into all the gifts I got, my parents have a tendency to spoil both my brother and I. But I will say that they did get both my brother and I an unusual gift. The book “Money Master of the Game” by Tony Robbins, with a special note inside. If both my brother and I read the book, and create an investment account of some kind before our birthdays (both of ours is in March), they would give us $1,000 each to go into the investment account.

Now… i’m a reader yes, and even managed to read “The Wealthy Barber”, but let’s face it, a book on financial advice is not what i’m looking forward to read. However, given the deal placed before and knowing I’m not set up that great for my financial future, I should really get started and actually do something about it.

Other than that, my boyfriend gave me an incredible gift this year, I feel he spoiled me too. For the next thee months I am part of the “Loot Crate” group. Meaning, once a week (I think), I’ll be getting a bunch of more geek stuff in the mail. I’m excited about it and hope to share some of my swag with him.

I had a great christmas and was able to share it among some great people. Now it’s time to gear up for New Years. I don’t have any solid plans yet, unfortunately. My boyfriend has been invited to two parties, though he has not decided on which one he’d like to go to yet. My ankle is doing much better, and even though it hasn’t been the official “4 weeks” of healing, i’m sure I could get by one night without wearing the air cast. Still, he has already suggested staying in with just the two of us.

Either way, I don’t mind what we do, it’ll be our first New Years together and I can’t think of a better way to spend it then with him.